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Privacy Policy


We store information helpful to us in improving our website experience and marketing efforts. We do not have the ability to correlate this information to a specific individual without that individuals assistance. Information you provide us, such as your Name or Email address, are not correlated to the markers we drop to track website visits. And that information will never be given or sold to 3rd parties.

Personal Information We Collect

For all visitors we collect basic information such as geographic location, type of browser being used and request language from the browser. We collect this information in order to better understand where our site visitors are located and to allow us to make our website better for our visitors. We also store the requesting IP address, which is what we use to map users to a geography.

We do not make efforts to personally identify the individual users of our site specifically. All users are tracked using anonymous markers that can not be tracked back to specific site visitors. Instead we use these markers to track which pages of our site are accessed, what order they are accessed, and general user flow in our website.

If you elect to register for a JustLog.IT trial you will need to provide us with personal information.

How We Collect Your Information

We use our JustLog.IT analytics library to collect this information. When the pages of the site load they automatically log this information as we load information such as performance statistics and user events such as clicking on certain buttons.

How We Store this Information

This information is stored in the JustLog.IT logging system so we can access it and report on it. The information is password protected.

If you elect to register for a JustLog.IT trial you will need to provide us with personal information. We store this in a password-protected database on a secure server. We will not give or sell your information to any 3rd parties.

How We Use this Information

We use this information to see where our visitors are located in order to better improve our marketing efforts and see how current marketing efforts are performing. We also use this information to improve our website experience for our visitors.

Do We Distribute this Information

We do not distribute this information to any 3rd parties or sell this information to anyone. This information is only used by JustLog.IT for purposes of improving our website experience for our visitors.

Can Our Visitors Request Access To Their Information Or Have It Removed

The only way for use to correlate information to a specific user is to map the random cookie we drop in their browser to their information logged in the JustLog.iT system. If you want to see specific information stored about you, you will need to provide us with that cookie marker.

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