Application Logging Service
Calling All Software Developers!
JustLog.IT is a simple, robust logging service you can use to capture all sorts of important information from your applications.
Log Your Errors
JLI started as an Error Logging system so we do it REALLY well. You can capture the errors as well as any additional info you need to troubleshoot. We also notify you they happened so you aren't logging into a vacuum. You can read more about our error logging here.
Watch Your Users
Keep an eye on what your users are doing (not in a creepy way). Is anyone using your awesome new feature? How often are key actions being taken? You can take your software to the next level by answering these questions. You can read more about user tracking here.
Monitor Performance
Don't let slow downs catch you by surprise. Using JLI's Performance Monitoring you can keep an eye on how things are running, even in your production environment. Read more about our Performance Monitoring here.



We use a RESTful API interface to capture all your logging info. If your app can make an HTTP/S request you can use JLI. To make it even easier we have some pre-built libraries you can install to wrap the actual calls for ya.


We can't possibly know what works best for your app so we allow you to extend the information you are logging by just adding additional information to your log entries. Couldn't be easier.


We here at JLI (and our parent company Forward Logic) are a different kind of company to work with. Our goal isn't profit at all costs and we don't try to trick you out of your $$$. JLI is completely pay as you go and our payment model is very basic. You can get all the details on our pricing page.

Application Insights

Don't be blind to what is happening with your application. JustLog.IT dashboards show you what's happening in near real-time.

Is JustLog.IT For You?

If you're a software developer then JustLog.IT is for you. If you cut down trees for a living then probably not.

Build or Buy?

The decision you have to make: build or buy.
Probably no surprise but we are firmly in the "buy" camp, here's why...

Sure you could spend the next few months building out a logging system, consuming the time of your staff, struggling with requirements and deployment. Or, you can just use our awesome already built logging system. When you put it that way, almost seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?
Developers are expensive. Really expensive!! Don't pay them to spend time writing a logging solution that will still be crappier than JustLog.IT.   Pay them to write software that helps your business. Pretty sure that's why you hired them in the first place.
Focus your resources on building software to grow your business or, even better, make the world a better place. Building your own logging solution is a waste of time, money, and purpose. Trust us, your developers would much rather solve huge problems then write an internal logging system.