The following are a number of questions we have received from different people over the previous months. Hopefully theywill help answer some of your questions too.

Why shouldn’t we just build our own logging system?

If you’re looking at logging systems you probably know the answer to this one, but we’ll throw it out anyway. Writing your own logging system is time consuming, expensive, and an ongoing maintenance pain in the ass. Why go through all that? We’ve written the logging system and we will take care of ongoing maintenance and it uses our resources. Pretty much a no-brainer.

Why would we trust you with our important logging?

You’re right, logging is important and it shouldn’t be something that is pawned off on the junior programmers or some poor bastard who draws the short straw. Our architecture is secure, redundant, and thoroughly load-tested. is yours??

Do you handle server logs?

No, that’s not our target. We built this system to do application logging. We’re not saying we’ll never do server logs in the future, but right now that’s not our focus.

What about our server apps?

Definitely one of our sweet spots! Server app logging is one of the very first logging systems we wrote. Using JustLog.IT you can keep an eye on everything your server app is doing. Our pro-active notifications let you know when errors occur, when performance drops, or when things just plain shit the bed. What more could you ask for?

Should I use you for my mobile app?

Mobile apps can be a real bitch to monitor. There are systems like Crashlytics which will tell you when your app crashes and can provide details on how many active users you have. That's great, but we allow you to go deeper. Hell, try to catch the error and log it without your app actually crashing. See what your users are doing, not just who's active.

Should I use you for my website?

Do catholic popes shit in the woods?? Of course. JustLog.IT is exactly the tool you need to give full visibility into your website. Log performance metrics on methods that call 3rd party services. Log and track user events like clicking on certain buttons to help you test and improve your website. Log errors so your website doesn’t suck … anymore.

Will your logging slow down my application?

Any action you take will obviously required application resources. Our calls are no different. But our REST-ful architecture allows all modern architectures to push logging details asynchronously. Because of that it is relatively easy to add JustLog.IT into your app in a non-intrusive manner. Our code samples and libraries can help with this effort.

What kind of stuff can I log with JustLog.IT?

Currently we support 4 primary information types. They are:
  • Errors - make sure your application errors are logged and you are alerted when they happen so you can do something about them.
  • Performance - log performance of key actions (think database calls or any performance intensive action) and track that performance over time so you can see if your performance starts heading down the crapper.
  • Events - log user events or event important application events so you can track when and where they happen. Extremely useful for things like tracking clicks on call-to-action buttons or if users perform other important actions. Don’t be blind to what’s happening in your applications!
  • Information - this is a pretty generic bucket which is primarily used to add context to the other items, especially errors. If you are doing some basic information logging such as which method is being called, along with some additional information like the user who is active in the call, we can overlay that information on top of errors or events so you get a much better picture of what happened and why.
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